• Demo Club (map)
  • 218 Argent Street
  • Broken Hill, NSW, 2880
  • Australia

Rock Around the World

This sensational two man show is performed by two very talented comedian singer musicians, Dave Allen and Ronnie Soul.

The guys perform all the great material from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, all fully costumed with great lighting and superb production.

The show takes you on a musical journey of the great hits of Roy Orbison, Bill Hayley, Buddy Holly, the Kalin Twins, Mick Jagger, Cliff Richard and Rod Stewart plus many more of the Rock and Roll greats.

The show also consists of comedic routines such as, Elvis from Hong Kong, John and Yoko, Chubby Chinese Checker, Andy Stewart, Tina Turner, plus many other comical songs and routines, finishing with a tribute to the Australian great, the mercurial Johnny O’Keefe.

Rock around the World is a totally entertaining show performed in one 90 minute and one 75 minute segment and can be performed to a sit down audience or with a rock and roll dance bracket, whatever takes your fancy.


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