Starting this month the Members Badge draw is getting a little face lift.

Introducing the Demo Club's Cash Jackpot Members Draw. Every Thursday, Friday and Sunday night between 5:30PM and 7:30PM we will call three (3) membership numbers. If your number is called while you're in the Club (with your valid and Financial Membership Card) You will instantly win the current Jackpot Prize.


Why the change from Saturday Afternoon to Sunday Evening?

We have been running our 10KSUNDAY promotions for over a year now, successfully hosting a Sunday night Raffle Rumble and our Monthly Members Mega Draw once a month. We want to carry that through with more entertainment on other Sunday Nights.

We've seen a trend for Saturday afternoons to be slowing down in the number of Members who make it into the Club during our previous Saturday Draw time-slot. As a part of offering the best in entertainment and giving back to our members we wanted to place our Membership Draw with all of our Raffle Nights so our members have more chances to WIN.

Recently we trialed a Voucher Raffle whilst we closed for renovations at the Blende Street Butchers. The Voucher Raffles where a huge success with many members wanting to know when we would be holding another one? We want to give our members what they want. So very soon we will be introducing Sunday Voucher Raffles every Sunday Night from 5:30PM (except for the Sunday Nights of our Major Draws). Now our new Cash Jackpot Members Draw will also give our Members a chance to be in the club to WIN on Sunday Nights.


To find out more about our New Cash Jackpot Members Draw, Click here to see the full Terms and Conditions or ask for our brochure at Reception. Checkout our Club Promotions events to see when the next Draw will be on.


 Logan Pascoe Demo Club Marketing Manager

Logan Pascoe
Demo Club Marketing Manager


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