Let's Talk About ID
& Entry into a Licensed Club


I can't count the number of times I've heard someone tell me they've lost their ID or that they simply didn't think to bring it along.


I'm not saying that sometimes life doesn't throw us a curve ball and we suddenly find ourselves without our wallet or purse because it's been lost or stolen, trust me, I've been there and done that.


But what I can tell you is, no matter what the unfortunate reasons are that you find yourself standing at the sign in desk of a Club or in front of that towering man dressed in black with his arms folded out the front of a pub without any Photo ID... No ID? No Entry!!


It's not rocket science and it really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Even having a salt n pepper beard doesn't help in this day and age as most venues take a blanket stance on ID'ing everyone.


So as we approach a big weekend in Broken Hill like "St. Pat's Races" I thought it would be a timely reminder of want you need to bring with you on a night out if you want to get into a Club like the Demo and not be left standing out the front because you where refused entry.


1. Bring Your Photo ID!

No surprises here. A licensed venue needs to ensure that everyone they allow into their establishment is over 18. In recent years its become far more effective to simply ID everyone on entry to avoid that circumstance where someone appears younger or older than they truly are.


However when it comes to venues like a Club there are other reasons as well. On rare occasions members and non-members alike may have been temporarily or permanently barred from entering the Club due to some past incident of antisocial behavior. One of the biggest benefits of attending a Club over a pub is that most Clubs will ensure a far safer and socially responsible environment for its Members and Guests. So that guy at the pub last week that got asked to leave, chances are he's already been barred from the club and we don't want him sneaking in because he "lost his ID" and is "Only staying for one".


I mean is sucks if you're that guy, but for the rest of us, well... we're a little bit happier showing our ID now that we realise we won't be seeing him in here.


2. Become a Member. Bring your Membership Card.

Licensed Clubs exist for the benefit of their members and being a member of a Licensed Club almost always results in some very strong financial savings and benefits over the course of your membership.


One of those benefits includes being allowed to visit the Club whenever you choose and presenting your membership card on entry certainly helps to clear the way.


Sometimes regular members are well known to the Reception Staff and Security, but not always. So to avoid that delay on entry it always pays to have your membership card ready to present. If not, you will need to wait at the reception desk whilst your details are looked up in the system and verified.


But more importantly without your membership card you're not going to get the cheaper members price on drinks or earn those Loyalty points and entries into Club Promotions.


3. Not a Member but still want to join your friends?

So you have your ID (because... well it's the smart thing to do on a night out) but you're not a Member of the club! What's next?!

As I mentioned before, a Club exists for it's Members and if you're not a member of the club and not an out of town visitor (ie. If you live within a 5km radius of the Club premises) then you simply aren't allowed in. It's really that simple. Because you're not a member. It's not your Club. simple right??!!


Clubs are governed by some very strict laws and regulations and allowing non-members into their premises comes with some very hefty fines. Fines that when charged are often levied against both the Club and the individual in question. As a member of a Club, those fines are paid from the profits you've helped earn. The profits you enjoy when the Club puts on big band or entertainment, provides discounted drinks or meals etc. I don't know about you, but I'd rather see the money going into the Club and it's members rather than on a fine for someone who didn't want to pay a $10 membership fee but still wanted to see the same live show for free.

The easy fix here is "BECOME A MEMBER" It's a simple 5 minute process to sign up and whilst you're still only a prospective member for the first 30 days, you still get to enjoy all the benefits of a member right from the minute you pay your Membership Fee... and lets be honest if your Membership fee is $10 for one year, you'll mostly likely save that much money with your members discount in the first night, so you really have nothing to lose.

Still not convinced about joining the Club? Then you have one more option. Have an existing Member Sign-you-in. One of the rights of a Club member is the ability to invite their own guests along with them. So a friend or family member who is with you at the Club and is already a Member can sign-in up to three (3) people at a time.


4. Visitors From Out of Town.

Broken Hill is a tourist town. We see thousands of tourists come through town every year and St. Pat's certainly brings the people from far and wide. These include ex-locals and new comers.


So what do you do when you want to visit a licensed club but you're not a Member. Well that's pretty easy. Of course you still need your Photo ID to show that you're a visitor from out of town and that you're over 18, but once that's established it's simply a case of signing-in as a visitor and you're all set.


However it's important to remember that being a visitor isn't the same as being a member. A visitor doesn't have the right to sign-in a non-member. So if you plan on meeting up with cousin Phil and hes not a member, you unfortunately cannot sign him in.



So this St. Pat's weekend (and any other time for that matter) don't be the dill left standing outside while your friends and family enjoy an ice-cold beer in the Club. Remember your Photo ID and maybe even join the Club before hand.


No ID? No Entry!! It's not negotiable and no hard luck story will help.
Trust me, I've tried them all!


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